Oh, yeah, sometimes I blog from the bathroom.

Pants up, I assure you.

Okay, first walk of the day in the bag. I am using the dog, the child, and our combined need for vitamin D as excuses to get up and get out, though I AM loving the sunshine and lack of animation.

Had three short dog walks and outside play time mit #Agnes, yesterday for all told, abt 45 mins of vertical living (*always stay busy* time) and/or full on power walking the terrier.

I am, at my best, a [fluffy] at home body, typically not liking being outside–because bugs, sweat, cold, rain, sleet, snow and Ihave been told more than once that I am rather lazy.

But, since I have my eating righted and at a good balance: little to no animal protein/high carb–brown rice/quinoa and fruit & veg days alternating with guilt ridden animal consumption days because I am weak/if I don’t sporadically act out, I will backslide catastrophically.

Side note: I ramble and bird walk.

Anyhow, now that I’m eating right, I should move more.  I sporadically do this…  I squat and yoga sporadically,  and walk sporadically, but need to do this and more, more often.

Here goes.

Am trying to not tell myself that I am already 35 lbs down toward my -50 lb 1st mini goal.

Just got back from taking the dog out for a 4 block walk, but it was too chilly w/o my sweater and Nes didn’t seem to want to go, so we came back.


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