Dukan diet *attack* phase, day 2.

http:// http://www.mamanatural.com/how-to-make-your-own-chia-seed-drink/

Yesterday was not that great of an attack after about 1 pm–the steroids and my weakness were taking over and I had myself a cute little binge session of a bowl of Dora cereal, with a heaping side of guilt afterwards.
I can give all kinds of factual excuses–blood sugar craziness due to ‘roids, details of the cereal mauling (’twas brutal!), supposed caloric deficiency,  etc,  but I am going with plain old weakness.
Today, however, I had a very filling breakfast and am bringing back in my old friend, #coffeecoffeecoffee, and doubling my water intake to compensate.  I will not fail again.  This diet is rumored to help you lose a ton and a half, which is precisely what I need to lose.
My doc put me on the #Dukan diet and in ONE DAY I lost 3 lbs (of fluid, I know) by eating only meat, fish, cheese, and eggs.  Done doddy, I’m there.  In theory…
If you have ever been on steroids, you know that sweets find their way into your mouth–well, not just sweets, everything does, really.
My nurse–a wonderful soul named Suzan, who was there for me at one of THOSE moments, the kind of anxiety attack that isn’t so much as creeping up, but swallowing you whole and continued to be the whisper/shout of kindness for the rest of my stay, and whom I could two-arm hug first thing in the morning,  when I was still tired and alone–told me about this chia gel drink, which I (intended to look up since discharge) looked up today, prepared, and refrigerated for later when (I know) things will get bad, cravings-wise.
Random mish mash of a post, but there you have it…


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