Well, my mind is blank.

I finally picked up my Ativan prescription, rather my Abby did, and I owe her $1.50–we agreed that I am good for it.  So, I got a good night’s sleep last night from abt 8 until 6, with only one midnight snack wake up, where I searched for chocolate,  ice cream,  cookies, etc, and settled for an ounce of cheese,  brushed my teeth and went back to bed.  #win
If I take my steroids first thing in the morning, they. start kicking in and ramping me up around the girls’ lunch time, which is convenient. Yesterday, we had hot dogs (cut into tiny pieces), mac and cheese, applesause, and peas, which went over wellish.  Kortneigh is a milk drinker, and I have to bargain with her for more food, occasionaly. 
I don’t believe in bargaining with sweets with anyone other than myself–I know how TOO successful that can be. 
After lunch, where milk is served in big girl cups–no sippees, we clean up and get ready for enforced nap time.  They get one kiddo show with which to calm down and then it goes to Mommy tv, at which point Daddy (JD) usually shows up with a bag for each (and one for #Allison) that holds a bug juice and M & Ms for AFTER nap.  He usually brings something for the wife (which gets eaten or stashed for Abby), downloads pertinent info regarding vehicle, drill, mil, etc, cops a feel, kisses us and leaves.
I love my old man.  I love our marriage.  It’s far from typical, but full of intense love and affection.  Our petty arguments (the real ones) have fallen by the wayside years ago, thanks to God.

Agnes is having a meltdown because Kortneigh took her shovel or waffle or something,  but I am practicing “hands-off parenting” at the mo, which means to me to let the girls duke it out, yell, holler, whatever, over toys, so long as there is no pushing, shoving, etc.
In the interim, I have swopped after the muddy dog, made another toaster waffle (whew!), refilled juice cups–abt 10 oz juice cut with water only to be drank in the kitchen and not wagged around all day, which slows potty training, and results in lost cups–I have reasons for my rules.


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