I don’t believe in violence as an answer to anything, really. 
Spanking a child makes no logical sense to me–I’ve resorted to it, unfortunately, in anger or frustration, or fear for the child’s safety (as odd as that sounds), for example, when you snatch their hand as they are about to run into the street, hug them to you and then swat their behind yelling at them to “not to run in the street”.
Striking another purely to cause pain or submission seems cruel to me, so I avoid it as a personal choice and probably because it’s “against the rules”–what rules?!  I am 32 years old, but the maxim of, “Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.” is still engrained in this one.  I’m a big rules person.  They’re there for a reason–to attempt to maintain order, I say, while others say control.
I am learning to see that other side.  There seem, at times, to be different rules for different people or groups of people,  or at least, differing enforcement of the rules.  That sucks and shouldn’t be allowed, but this isn’t elementary school and the “teachers” aren’t always on duty and they aren’t always honest, fair, or good.  Sadly, I am also learning that personal responsibility isn’t the same for everyone–some require it of themselves, others don’t–and everyone’s seems slightly different.
Thus endeth my discussion, because I can’t fix it for the world and I doubt it will ever be “fixed” and that makes me sad.


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