Oh, just give it a rest!

Oh, my gosh I guilt trip myself so much!!
Now, not for the past two days of eating like crap, but for the sitting around.  There’s just no energy in me.  I don’t sleep well, my brain is in a constant state of anxiety and “go, go, go!” and I keep two toddlers during the week.  One of them is mine and she’s the hard part.  Both my mom and my doc tell me that that is too much, but it has to be done, so there it is.

Abby has both girls in the backyard today and seems to be enjoying herself and we are all four going to a Praise Dance performance/dinner tonight that the Coles next door gave us tickets to.  The girls will love it, we don’t have to cook, etc, and it will be good fellowship and untold blessings because it is not in our usual comfort zone and you know that’s where the BIG stuff comes in.  Plus, Mrs Pat seemed as it was a blessing to her to invite us, and who am I to prevent that?  But, it is going to take SO MUCH energy to go and BE there and be friendly and polite.  I am slightly dreading this blessing,  if you can understand that.

Ha!  Sorry to interrupt, but I just had a #momwin!  I read an article on how to fix my picky eater and IT WORKED!!  The six magic words were, “You don’t have to eat it.” AND THEY WERE RIGHT!!  Abby gave the girls Spaghettios for lunch and Agnes looked as if we were forcing her to eat poo,  and now she is asking for more!  Now, Spaghettios aren’t haute cuisine by any means, but they are also far from poo.


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